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Help for problem-gambling in Temecula //

Temecula therapists counseling gambling counselor gambling problem
Does gambling have a hold on your life?
*Free counseling is available

Are you concerned about how much you gamble?  Is it causing financial problems?  Are others in your life angry with you about your gambling?  Do you find yourself having to lie about time and money spent gambling?  After losing money, do you return another day to try to recoup your losses?  Gambling includes not only casinos, but lottery, sports betting, racetracks, card rooms, etc.


A joint program of The California Office of Problem Gambling and UCLA provides free, confidential counseling for people who struggle with problem-gambling.  I am an authorized provider for this program.  If you feel like gambling is causing problems for you financially and in your relationships, please call for a free assessment. (1 longer assessment session, plus 6 follow-up visits, all at no charge to you).


Here is an online self-assessment to help determine if your gambling has become a problem: 20 Questions

Temecula gambling counseling temecula therapists gambling problem
Is someone else's gambling having an impact on your life?
*Free counseling is available, even if the gambler is unwilling to get help

Do you find yourself hiding money from the gambler to make sure there is enough money for necessities?  Does he/she promise to stop gambling, yet gamble again?  Did you grow up with a parent who was a gambler and now find that this is having an impact on your life today?  Free help is available for you, too.  (1 longer assessment session, plus 6 follow-up visits, all at no charge to you)

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