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Amy Bacani, LMFT Play therapy in Temecula

Play therapy for children

in Temecula

Here is a brief humorous video from the Association for Play Therapy demonstrating why play therapy is the intervention of choice for children, not traditional talk therapy. Enjoy!

Here is a video from the British Association of Play Therapy showing play therapy in action

Does your young child need help?

Temecula child therapist

People often think of therapy as something adults do, sitting down on a couch and talking about their problems. However, children often need help with their emotional well-being, too. Children are not likely to sit and reflect on their issues, nor do they typically engage in discussions about the stressors in their lives. Young children are better helped by using play, as this is their natural way of expressing themselves.



I began doing play therapy in elementary schools in 1996. I work with children as young as age 3, using toys and games as a medium for helping a child. Children often need play therapy to help with separation anxiety or adjustment to family changes, such as divorce, relocations, remarriage, or to address issues of loss or trauma. Therapy may be indicated if the child's behaviors are affecting their functioning in different areas of their lives--socially, academically, within the family, or with their normal maturation.


As a child therapist, I first meet with you, the parents, for a private session to learn more about your child's difficulties and more about their developmental history. I believe that as the child's parents, you know your child better than anyone. As I get to know a child better through our work together, I meet with parents every 6-8 weeks (or more frequently, when necessary). At these parent consultations, I get updates about how the child is progressing, and I offer guidance on how to help the child at home.

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